4 Agustus 2012

Expressing sympathy

Expressing of sympathy

The definition of sympathy Expression  :
Sympathy Expression is an expression or feeling of pity  and sorrow when we know and see someone or people are unlucky or have trouble and in bad condition .By expressing sympathy we want to show our concern or carefulness on other people ‘s condition.
How can we give sympathy expression to someone :
We express it directly to him/her orally or we  can use a letter or card by post also by short message service ( sms ), e-mail,television ,radio ,and newspaper if he /she who got the trouble is far from us.

There are some expressions to show our sympathy to other people. Some of the examples are shown below.
Oh, I am sorry to hear that                                                                          
That’s  too bad
What a pity of you !
Be patient, it would be better soon
I take my sympathy to you
I sympathize with your condition
I know how is your feeling
                        It would be OK soon.

There are also some responses to accept sympathy from other people. Here the examples.
Thank you very much
It’s very kind of you
 I hope so
That’s a pity, isn’t it?
Thanks for your sympathy
Thanks for your support
I would be OK, thank you very much for your support

Contoh Dialog Expressing Sympathy
Berikut ini contoh dialog mengungkapan simpati (expressing sympathy).
Materi ini diperuntukkan bagi siswa SMA kelas X.

Rina : Hi, Doni. What's up? You look so sad.
Doni : Yea, my grandpa died last night.
Rina : Really? I'm sorry to hear that.
Doni : Thanks.
Rina : If I'm not mistaken, he is in Bandung, right?
Doni : Yes. We haven't visited him yet.
Rina : Does your family plan to go to Bandung?
Doni : Yes. Tonight. We are going to leave for Bandung.
Rina : Oh, I hope your family will be fine.
Doni : Thanks a lot, Rina.

Dalam percakapan antara Rina dan Doni di atas terdapat satu ungkapan simpati (expressing sympathy) yakni "I'm sorry to hear that." Rina menyatakan ikut berduka cita atas meninggalnya kakek Doni.

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